Saturday, February 27, 2010

Salvation in Reading, MA

At times it feels like there is nothing near my office. When we moved from our downtown Boston office, I not only lost the quick walk to work ...but also my ability to just duck out for some treats.

I'm elated to report that I've found a hidden jewel in Reading! Meet the Chocolate Truffle. A google search lead me to this lovely chocolate shop when a coworker asked if I knew of any spots she could find cookies. I found instead chocolate high heel shoes!

On my way home from work on Friday, I stopped in to see the shoes in person and was treated to a sample of a mint pyramid. The shop woman's favorite. A triangle of dark chocolate tipped with white chocolate is filled with a thick mint center and caped with crushed candy cane.

Floating in a mint and chocolate daze I was dizzied further by the hand rolled chocolate truffles in amazing traditional flavors (caramel, mint and apricot) and unique spins (Sam Adams, chili and bacon). The store manufactures all of its products at a factory in Swampscott.

And then as is usually the case I found the shoes... Large enough to be filled with truffles, the chocolate-molded pump is flirty with polka dots in seasonal flavors. Men aren't left out and the shoe section includes a Wing tip dress shoe.

Shoes aren't the only unique chocolate pieces at the Chocolate truffle the shop serves up chicken wings and pizza. Milk chocolate wings are filled with peanut butter and served with marshmallow dipping sauce. The wings are a perfect appetizer to the shop's pizzas. Instead of pepperoni or cheese, pretzels, M&Ms and white chocolate drizzle flavors the extra large slices.

The chocolate truffle is not just a shop with quirky gifts, but its signature piece, the chocolate brioche is elegant and makes a perfect bowl for more pieces of chocolate. The brioche wrapped in cellophane is so beautiful, that the shop has been highlighted in the "The Chocolate Guide", a collection of local chocolatiers and boutiques.

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