Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hugs and kisses

Valentine's day is behind us now. I'm not so much pro-Valentine's day as I am pro-50% off candy the day after Valentine's day.

It is not too late to scour the shelves at Target (insert French accent) or Walgreens. I found some wonderful bargains on hershey kisses and stumbled happily onto raspberry hugs.

In an ode to V-day, the hugs are wrapped in flirty pink and white striped foil and tied off with the iconic ribbon. A layer of white chocolate hugs the candy's milk chocolate core and is striped with raspberry flavor. The smell of raspberry is as delightful as the fruity flavor that melts with the white chocolate. The raspberry is a little artificial, but what do you expect?
These are also a little sweeter than the usual hugs, but Valentine's day is all about bathing your teeth in sugar isn't it?

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