Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daily Candy Serves Up Sweet Tip- There is always room for Jellio

Here is a shout out to the Daily Candy which makes my mornings bearable. Today's email blast had one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Jellio... is a furniture and design company that specializes in making wares that are reminiscent of childhood fun. The email blast featured a nod to their faux-gummy bear chandeliers, but I am truly mesmerized by their cupcake furniture.

I've already decided that my living room would be complete if it had at least one of these pieces.
$750 is pennies for delighting in an end table shaped like the shiny foil wrapper of this bakeshop treat

And, wouldn't watching the Food Network be that much better if I was perched upon a cupcake seat?
The rubber icing comes in a variety of flavors (chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and lemon) to match every decor.

I do believe that I have a birthday coming up...just saying