Monday, February 16, 2009

A World Without Chocolate?

After reading in the news that scientists are worried about the sustainability of the world’s chocolate crop, I immediately became moody. The endorphins constantly running through my chocolate-spiked veins plummeted.

According to the ABC News report:

“The Ghana-based Nature Conservation Research Center warns that chocolate may become as rare and expensive as caviar within 20 years.”

Forget saving the children, or the seals… save cacao!


  1. Evan. You know what is great? (And I swear this is somewhat related.) Flavored popcorn. Pike's Peak Popcorn in CO has mountainberry flavor. It's amazing. It tastes like candy--that's how it's related.

    My actual point for posting is that we need an easter-candy-update.

    And have you tried Lemonades? The girl scout cookier? OH MY GOD!!!!!! I've never been one to eat an entire box of girl scout cookies--or even WANT to eat an entire box--but these are delicious. I recommend them.

    Oh--and one last thing--hawaiian punch drink mix singles. They actually don't even have sugar, but they could have fooled me. They are goood!!

  2. Thank you for the suggestions...I've added today! Promise to be better