Monday, March 9, 2009

Nothing Says Easter and Spring Like PEEPS!

I am now a card carrying member of the PEEPS Fan Club. If you are nice, I might share the secret handshake. I am really hoping to get coupons or presents on my birthday.

But I deserve it... as soon as the Valentine’s Day candy was removed from store shelves; I was there to stock up on PEEPS.

How can you say no to these adorable little bunnies and chicks? Especially when they are made of marshmallow goodness and come in such spectacular colors?

Yellow is not only my favorite color, but according to Just Born, is the most popular color (other options include green, red lavender, pink and blue—ick)

The floor of my car is a graveyard for the little chicks. And though it takes six minutes to create just one PEEP, they usually experience a quick death… very human of me, isn’t it?

When growing up in Cincinnati, Fawn Candy spoiled me by selling “aged” PEEPS. The packaging of the eggs, bunnies, chicks and new tulips are sliced to let in air and firm the marshmallows up. You can find them in a wine barrel waiting for you. To speed up the process I just leave them in my car to soak in the New England cold.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Just Born Web site… I highly recommend. The marketing geniuses have embraced the peep-obsessed and offer games, crafts, trivia and recipes including PEEPSicles and PEEPS party dippers.

In addition to the official site, there are more than 200 Web sites dedicated to peeps. Totally understandable! They are cute, friendly and a muse for many artists.