Monday, February 16, 2009

Keep the Chocolate in V-Day!

Valentine’s Day was Saturday, and I am all about a holiday that encourages chocolate consumption.

I celebrated with the BF, by eating burritos (Guacamole is the way to my heart) and cupcakes from Kickass cupcakes. The bakery in Davis Square is one of my favorites. With cupcakes ranging from chocolate with vanilla frosting to fortune cookie flavored, this little shop knows how to please. On the weekends they even have the brilliant idea of serving deep-fried cupcakes. It was a hard decision, but I settled on the red velvet flavor. The moist chocolate cupcake glowed red with food coloring and the cream cheese frosting topped with a little red heart. My only complaint was that I hadn’t been smart enough to order a dozen.

Despite the hype around St. Valentine’s Day, my favorite day is February 15… when all the hearts and truffles go on sale! I’ve been stocking up at CVS and Walgreens, and plan to visit Target for a good bargain hunt this evening.

Here is my top wish list:

Heart-shaped Peeps. Vanilla and cherry flavored marshmallows covered in sugar- Do these really need an explanation?

Cella’s milk chocolate covered cherries- Romantic and oh so easy to finish a whole box. Very good frozen.

Junior Mint Hearts. Shaped for the season, the minty candies look like hearts. In addition to the traditional color, they come red inside as well.

Russell Stover’s marshmallow and strawberry cream hearts. I can’t wait for the Easter eggs too!

Reese’s peanut butter hearts – Why do these taste so much better than regular Reese's?

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  1. If this does take place you'd better not get moody. After a designated period of grieving/mourning violent mood swings will not be tolerated.