Monday, November 16, 2009

Chocolate-Covered Job Training

When I was hired to be a waitress at Steak ’n Shake I was required to go through a series of “training” exercises… watch a video on health regulations and then take a quiz; read a book about customer service and then take a quiz. This routine is pretty standard.

However for my new job, the training has been quite different. At 10 a.m. I reported to the Elephant and Castle and settled in at a large round table. After a brief chat with the other people at my table, out popped Valerie. Valerie: Marketer by day…my chocolate hero by night.

Training for the day would include hearing from Valerie a history of how chocolate is made; learning how to temper my own chocolate and then…rolling my own truffles.

Remember Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory?

While I didn’t have a hat, my apron was covered with raspberry ganache, splashed with melted chocolate and traces of cocoa powder can still be found in my hair. While rolling the rich ganache centers into balls and covering in almonds, my inner chocolatier revealed herself… and my first truffle was born.

When the last of the ganache was scrapped out of the bowl, I was left with a pyramid of delicious handmade truffles and a deeper appreciation for how my favorite food is made.

Here is the recipe via Valerie for the BF's favorite truffle... Whiskey

This was just the beginning of my training…
With my truffles wrapped, I hopped into the car and headed towards Aroa in the South End for the beginning stop on my chocolate tour

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