Friday, May 8, 2009

Ice Cream for Dinner

No, I’m not pregnant, but last night I had pickles and ice cream for dinner.

Before you judge me, there were a couple of hours in between my servings of Tony Paco’s pickles and Peppers and my late night run for ice cream.

The craving hit me hard at the end of an episode of "House". I tried to put it off, but alas I succumbed jumped into my car wearing a smashing pair of Pajamas and sped off to Emack & Bolios in Porter Square. Fate even granted me a parking spot right up front.

My favorite flavor has always been key lime pie, a low-fat key lime frozen yogurt with little pieces of graham crackers, but I needed more.

After tasting the Cookie Monster, Grasshopper pie, and Milky Way flavors (why turn down the opportunity for free samples?), I settled on the healthiest of the choices Oreo frozen yogurt.
While two scoops are $4.40, a whole pint is only $5.40… so the pint won. No, I did not dig into the whole thing! I responsibly drove the container home and made myself a bowl.

I even turned down the delectably devilish ice cream cones that the little parlor is known for. I’d like to shake the hand of the employee who had the idea of covering a waffle cone in rice crispies and marshmallows. They also have a fruity pebbles, and cocoa crispies versions. I thought for a moment about bringing home an Oreo coated cone, but worried about the nightmares that I may have from a cookie overload.

Oh, Oreo ice cream! Do you remember when Cookies ’n Cream was the bombdigity? Why is it that flavors that we devoured as adolescents have been pushed off by “adult” selections? Chocolate Chip Cookie dough was another popular request from the United Dairy Farmers’ case. But nothing beat Cherry Cordial. Mmmmm


  1. You KNOW this is my fav! And key lime pie will always have my heart!

  2. So yummy! When my wife was pregnant, she used to crave for ice creams (even I was craving for that too!). Because of that, I've experienced having a sensitive tooth. I seek the attention of the dentist here in Mount Pleasant. Dental procedures and products helped me in making my sensitive tooth disappear. And with that, I can eat ice creams again!

  3. haha that's great I could eat ice cream all days, if it doesn't make me be fat in short time, but I guess I'm not going too.
    Thanks, nice post.