Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amo el helado!

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The trees have blossomed, buds are popping out of the ground and it is finally warm in New England! Boston does not have much of a spring. April can be plagued by snow storms, so I’ve learned to appreciate the good days more than I can even put into words.

Nothing says spring and signals the coming of the summer like soft serve ice cream. At work last week we bolted from the air conditioning to enjoy the sun and headed to Dandilyons in Reading, MA.

Just around the corner from my office, the local soft serve stand is already a bustle of activity. This week is school vacation week so it was more populated with little kids than normal. Usually our group’s visit raises the age of patrons by at least 10 years.

Owned and operated by Overbrook Ice Cream, the little shop serves more than 40 flavors of cult-favorite Richardson's Ice Cream including Toll house, black raspberry and, as this is New England, the Green Monster.

My favorite is a vanilla kiddie cone (proper serving size) with sprinkles (Jimmies if you prefer). If I am feeling particularly daring I might go for a heath bar flurry. The mix of the salty brittle, chocolate and vanilla ice cream reminds me of my mom (tear).

I haven’t been so daring as to try, but the shop serves ice cream cannolis (my Italian side would die) and ice cream cookie sandwiches.

All I can do is toast my ice cream to the gods… thank you for the sun!

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